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We assess structure and function as it relates to swallowing. We measure basic cranial nerve function as well. To assist with safe oral feeding, we evaluate numerous compensatory strategies and facilitative techniques.

Based on the patient’s results, we provide diet and treatment recommendations. Exceptionally detailed evaluation reports are completed on-site and day-of. All facilities receive the original copy of both reports, with a copy of the digital audio and visual recording of the MBSS. With LA Imaging Clinic you get a dysphagia consultation, not just an MBSS.

LA Imaging has teamed up with Rapid Radiology to provide the best possible service to our facilities. Rapid Radiology’s performance requirements far exceed simply interpreting images. All of Rapid Radiology’s radiologist are board certified, most are sub-specialty trained, and all are located in the United States.

Rapid Radiology uses an extensive QA process for its QA program. This ensures that Rapid Radiology only delivers quality, accurate reports to their customers. To demonstrate their dedication to quality, they provide clear, concise statistical reports, offering their clients an efficient way to monitor their service.

Their system was built with an emphasis on quality control. Rapid Radiology’s staff and radiologist are monitored on a daily basis to ensure compliance with all policies and procedures, and to ensure quality care is always delivered.

Each day, we strive for quality and efficient patient care. Excellence is a result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution, and a strong vision.

Team Members

  • Rod Baronet
  • Dawn Spencer
  • James Walker
    VP of Operations
  • Lisa Baronet
  • Kim Hunt
  • Lacey Heavner
  • Toni Skeeles
    Clinic Scheduler
  • Paula Brown
    Clinic Office Supervisor
  • Grant Robideaux
    Marketing & Customer Service Rep
  • Claudella Bains
    Tech Supervisor
  • John Joseph
    Vehicle & Equipment Supervisor
  • Jim Chandler
    Operations & Compliance

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Our service areas are based in major metro areas for seamless coverage and quick response times.