Providing images all day, everyday

Call the LA Imaging X-ray Dispatch Center at 318-473-9917 or
 1-800-457-8378 to order an X-ray.
The following information will be needed:
  • Facility Name
  • Patient’s Name
  • Patient’s Name
  • Patient’s Room Number
  • X-ray(s) to be performed with diagnosis
  • Name of caller requesting the X-ray(s)
  • Ordering Physician or NP

Please let the dispatcher know if the order is deemed STAT or if you need the rad tech to leave a disk with a copy of the images for the patient’s physician.

What We Offer

  • 24/7
    X-Ray Services
    LA Imaging provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week X-ray services. After regular business hours, we provide an automated phone system with 2 options for ordering X-ray(s). Contact the LA Imaging X-ray Services Dispatch Line at 318-473-9917 or 1-800-457-8378.
  • STAT Orders
    Once an X-ray order is deemed STAT, it becomes top priority. Our dispatch team will see to it that a rad tech arrives to your facility as quickly as possible. The images are automatically moved up in the queue to be read as priority by our contracted radiology group, Rapid Radiology.
  • EKG Services
    We provide routine EKG services when we are on-site at your facility. Single requests for EKG’s only will be considered based on travel schedules.